Uruguay is hosting the 10th World Merino Conference

Writes Tjonane Matla:

The 7th to 15th of April 2018 are busy days for the World Merino Farmers as they shall be hosting the 10th WMC in Mondevideo in Uruguay. This   Conference   is   organised   by   the   Uruguayan   Merino   Breeders   Society   with   the   support   of   the   World   Federation   of Merino   Breeders.   The   World   Conference   convenes   every   four   years   the   International   community   related   with   the Merino   breed.   One   of   the   main   objectives   is   to   encourage   the   participation   and   massive   networking   of   researchers, breeders   and   companies   or   institutions   related   to   the   breed   as   well   as   encourage   the   participation   of   students   from different areas as they will be the future Merino breeders.

The   World   Federation   member   countries   are   Argentina,   Australia,   France,   Hungary,   Kazakhstan,   Lesotho,   New   Zealand, Portugal,   Russia,   South   Africa,   Spain,   Uruguay   and   USA.   Interest   in   the   Conference   has   also   already   been   received   from other countries such as Turkey, Canada and Chile. Lesotho shall be represented by the Lesotho Wool and Mohair Growers Association (LWMGA) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer being Mokoenehi Thinyane and Lefu Lehloba respectively.

The   previous   Conference   was   held   in   South   Africa   with   over   200   international   visitors   joining   a   similar   number   of   South African   breeders,   scientists   and   other   industry   personnel. We should also recall that while in South Africa four years ago, His Majesty King Letsie III was as well invited and he had a role of being the opening ceremony keynote speaker.

We are here revealing from our archives two of the important articles that were published in the Silo Volume 05 – Issue No 4 of April 2014.

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