Times Like These


Times like these remind us all of the importance of ensuring our nation’s food security, and we want to assure Basotho that agriculture remains the backbone of the food chain.  I am grateful for the tireless hours’ farmers put in all year long to supply healthy, affordable food to be processed and packaged so that our shops/markets can restock shelves or fill the silos, and produce lots of meat and dairy cans.

We come out in print after a lockdown due to risks and controls associated with the spread of the Corona Virus, a deadly virus that has shaken the whole world and claimed many innocent lives of our beloved sisters and brothers.  Join the Silo team in praying for a quick end to this pandemic and thank God for the minimal infections thus far in our country.  I also have faith that great stories of service, of neighbours helping neighbours, businessmen helping the vulnerable and communities working together (even from a distance) to protect one another will continue to shine brightly across this country.

As we are busy with our winter crops we urge farmers to take all the precautions possible to protect themselves, their workers and their communities.   Many Basotho farmers were affected by the lockdown in one way or the other even though they were allowed to operate during the lockdown.  The many that we managed to interview confirmed that the biggest challenge was seen during the extension of the lockdown, as most of supplies are imported and hardware’s were closed and many struggled to access tools, equipment, seedlings, seeds, pesticides and other essentials required for the day to day activities.

Through the challenging times Lesotho has been graced by entering the new era under the new Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro an Agricultural Economist, a man who has not only lectured economics at the National University of Lesotho but has been an instrumental technocrat in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning during Dr Timothy Thahane’s time.  He has won the hearts of many including the Silo family.  Among some of the things he mentioned in his opening speech on the day of his inauguration he assured Basotho that he will move promote and uphold agriculture.

As farmers we look forward to working constructively with him upon taking office.  The outgoing Prime Minister Ntate Motsoahae Thomas Thabane we salute you we for your selfless contribution and continuous support for years.   “O sebelitse Lekhoakhoa” you are leaving at a time when all of us are trying to adjust to the new “normal”, working from home and having to use technology for most of our operations.  We truly trust you have left us in good hands.

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