Times Iike these


Times like these remind us all of the importance of ensuring our nation’s food security, and we want to assure Basotho that agriculture remains the backbone of the food chain. I am grateful for the tireless hours farmers put in all year long to supply healthy, affordable food to be processed and packaged so that our shops/markets can restock shelves or fill the silos, and produce lots of meat and dairy cans.

Join the Silo team in praying for a quick end to this pandemic and thank God for zero infections thus far. I also have faith that great stories of service, of neighbours helping neighbours and communities working together (even from a distance) to protect one another will shine brightly across this country.

As we prepare for winter cropping we urge farmers to take all the precautions possible to protect themselves, their workers and their communities.

Basotho farmers still working.  That’s the spirit, be safe.


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