The year of Hope (2019 letter to co-operators)

Writes; Lebitso Thinyane

Majority of people normally start every year with high hopes for positive things. Even if they ended their previous years with difficulties their hope is always that those challenges are gone and new year is starting with new positive things. This philosophy takes place even to other motivational speakers, councillors and religious leaders. The philosophy is not very far from being solid but what makes it insignificant is ignorance of the facts and incubation of new approach, thinking and action. Looking back where we are coming from is a crucial task to be done before starting any journey of hope. My Labour Law Lecture when I did my First Degree once told me that whatever I do is not new neither will it be hence on earth everything has historical background, Current status and future trends. This should always stick in our minds that if it’s our first time to take a certain task, we should find out how those who came before us did it, this will always show us where they did it well and where they lost it. Even though we have to concentrate more on the future trend, history is always the best teacher. A victim of loss whether because of not making decision or making wrong decision in 2018 should not be a victim in 2019.

It is very important to know why we failed to be the stars in whatever we were doing last year, whether in business, work place or in the middle of the two. It is then we can know where we are and understand where we are going and how we will get there. Our purpose is always the answer to the why question, why do you want to be there? In the corporate world they call it vision statement, how do you want to look like in the next 10 to 40 years. It’s at this time of the year when some pastors, motivational speakers and councillors will tell people that 2018 is gone with its problems without placing the solutions. Hope is not enough if it is not accompanied by action. We cannot seat down and expect good things to come just like manna from heaven. Our acts should always be pushed by our hope and faith. We cannot repeat exactly what caused us to fail and hope we will be successful just because 2018 is gone and now is 2019 that we call the year of hope. When I started this article clearly stated that we can fail or lose important things because we did not make any decision or we made wrong decisions.

One of the great philosophers once said,” it’s true that we learn from mistakes, but no one said we should learn from our own mistakes”. This still maintains my point that we are obliged to look back where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going. We should never say we are new in anything because there are people who have been there before us, they had their own ups and downs. Ours is to perfect their wrongs as those who will come after us will do the same. The year of hope, let’s start it in a different way, the same intelligence that gave us a vision to start a cooperative society, the very same spirit that pushed us to invest our money in a cooperative society, desire that forced us to come together for success should be renewed. Whatever that pulled our cooperatives down and made them to be part of unviable businesses should be completely eliminated in our cooperative societies as we start the 2019, the year of HOPE.




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