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Customers consider reliability as one of the most significant aspects of great customer service. They eventually quit unreliable service providers and go for somewhere else. Whether you are a leader of Financial, Agricultural, Manufacturing or Trading cooperative enterprise, be a person of your words. If you promise cooperative members that they will get services at a certain time, then for heaven’s sake, make services available at that time.

Reliability is not a straight jacket like we can think when we talk about it. It needs on someone who understands that time is money and it cannot come back as it passed. Cooperative leaders should be different from other people of the society. As a business person, if you promised your cooperative members to be in a meeting at 8:30am tomorrow, please be there 30 minutes before. Your seriousness will also be determined by your punctuality and trustworthy. Stick on what you promised to advocate and be ambassador of your cooperative societies.

Reliability does not always mean doing what pleases you alone (power) but it is societal; it is the atmosphere that we create that satisfy our cooperative members.  As business people, we owe it to the society to be ever reliable to whatever needs our clients’ places in front of us in order to bring the best out of our cooperative enterprises. It is the very same membership that expects us to say ‘please join our cooperative society, I am sorry I don’t meet your expectations today, thank you very much for choosing our cooperative society with its service”. These great words which might seem insignificant but build our cooperative movement, they contribute into our strong membership retention and they give our members courage for they will keep on being appreciated, wanted and instrumental to their cooperative societies.

As he received Africa’s Outstanding Food Service by a Carrier Award last year Ethiopian Airline group CEO said “we are committed to providing to our esteemed customers reliable schedule and punctual flights at all times,”. This was the seventh time this company wins awards in the straight years. I twice used their flight from Addis Ababa to kenya and from Kilimanjaro two Addis Ababa. I am one of the people who can give a testimony about their reliable carrier services as compared to other flights I ever used and this make me feel tranquiled that I had a chance to use this highly esteemed aviation in Africa.

A goal of customers who are members in cooperative societies according to Kopmeyer in his book called Proven Success Methods with 71 motivating chapters is to get whatever they need at anytime. Therefore, making your services reliable at anytime for your clients does not only help you to win the war of customer retention but also brings significant growth of your cooperative society. Most of the successful cooperative societies if not all factored reliability as their core value and these become their statement of identity. He also remarked “plants instinctively seek and obtain the nourishment, moisture and all of the elements need for successful growth. If it was not for success instinct, there would be no plants, animals instinctively seek and obtain food, water and mates. Without their success instinct to get whatever they want, there would be no animals”.

In the same way, it is your reliable service that will help you to make sure that your cooperative members instinctively seek and obtain whatever they need from their cooperative society. In order to be successful leader in any kind of Cooperative enterprise, make reliability your statement of identity because it is a positive proof of your success instinct intense and willingness to the best cooperative enterprise.



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