Writes: Lebitso Thinyane

I always tell cooperative entrepreneurs that there is a huge difference between IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient). To be successful cooperative entrepreneurs or cooperative sales representatives in their any industries, they need to develop strong emotional intelligence skills. Most cooperative members in different cooperative societies are technically and very academically sound, but those who lack emotional intelligence normally mess up in their careers or cooperative societies along the way.

Dealing with your emotion as a cooperative entrepreneur is very important. I normally recommend the following books on internet for serious cooperative entrepreneurs who want to be the stars in their cooperative industries and win big in the customers’ war; I FOR YOU, if you have never read anything on the subject called working with your Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and PRIMAL LEADERSHIP by Daniel Goleman again. Read these books even if you are not a cooperative entrepreneur. As long as you are aspiring for greatness this subject is the key and those books are some of the best for this topic.

Working on your IQ helps you as a cooperative entrepreneur to benefit from criticisms. We all know that   no one under the sun enjoys negative feedback but remember that criticism gives you a good chance to learn more regardless of the way it is presented to you. Most of the cooperative members if not all expect only positive feedback and treatment from cooperative leaders or entrepreneurs, failing to meet these expectations, you will probably receive different feedback. Even if this criticism is unfounded, it will always give you a window into how other people think.

Emotional Intelligence also helps you as a cooperative entrepreneur to improve your authenticity. This does not necessarily mean sharing everything about your personal life to everyone at all the time. It only means saying what you mean, meaning what you say and sticking to your values and principles. Always remember to inherit your organizational norms and culture. Not every cooperative member will appreciate your respond but remember only the ones who matter will. This will help you to build a lasting relationship with real potential members who understand the vision of your cooperative enterprise.

One of the best corporate companies promoting emotional intelligence in the world is Google with their slogan saying “Don’t be evil”. Google has developed a good picture with this and well-meaning corporate company. This impose an important question to you as a cooperative leader, am I an important instrument to my cooperative enterprise or evil, probably no one would like to be an evil and this will help you to maintain your emotional intelligence so that you can be the star in your cooperative society.

There is no excuse for not being able to manage your emotion. Daniel Goleman indicated that people who haven’t succeeded to the full extent of their Emotional Intelligence always have an excuse like any law breaker and they are breaking the law of Intelligence Quotient. This does not mean cooperative entrepreneurs do not have emotions like other people. Certainly they have as everybody has handicap but only some handicaps require more effort and will power to overcome bad emotions than others. To put it simple, everyone has emotional intelligence but it takes an individual cooperative entrepreneur with strong will-power and mind-power to practice this essential character.

Cooperative Enterprises always strive to maintain their goodwill in their industries but it has been an evident that they fail to meet this goal due to lack of emotional intelligence from their Leaders. Do you need to be a Successful Cooperative Entrepreneur? Know your emotional weaknesses, find possible ways of managing them then have the most IQ and become the best Cooperative leasder.


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