Pioneer Mall: Agricultural report 2013

Vol.4, Issue 11

Agriculture is one of the fundamental sectors in Lesotho, specifically in age where more land is used to erupt buildings and many other structures that may affect this sector and nature as a whole. The use of land for other activities has seen the culture of Basotho of farming degrade, thus low involvement of famers in the growth of the economy.

Pioneer mall, encourages the use of a healthy environment through its landscaping and general maintenance of our environment through the use of the refuse area. Pick n Pay being part of Pioneer Mall, not only values local production from farmers by purchasing their products but also uses the same products in its deli and fresh food store. Pick n Pay is inspired to grow locally and supports the same farmer as they support them.

Pioneer Mall is delighted to have worked with The Silo in its Expo of New Technologies in agriculture infrastructure. We cherish being part of such initiatives that assist in the development of the country, that also empower individuals and groups at large.

By: Phokoane Taoana

Marketing Assistant

(+266) 22311288

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