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As the world population expand, especially the population of Africa and Southern Africa, the pressure becomes higher for producers to deliver to the demand. Pork consumption has shown a steady increase from the year 2000 where pork consumption in Southern Africa was 3kg per capita. Since then, it increased to nearly 5kg per capita in 2017. It will probably not stop there but continue to grow as it is expected that another 1.4 billion people will be added to the world’s population in 2030. About 88% of this expansion will be from Asia and Africa where it is expected that Africa will contribute about 492 million people. When looked at the types of households, 70% classify themselves as middle-class.

Thus; a higher income results in higher meat demand and consumption. Statistics also shown that worldwide production of pork increase yearly with 110 850 tons of pork produced in 2017. In South Africa about 14 000 tons of pork was produced in 2017.

With this in mind, it is no secret that genetic companies like PIC (Pig Improvement Company) needs continuous genetic improvement to be ableto produce to such an extent that the growing demand is fulfilled.

PIC is the international leader in the provision of continuous genetic improvement in pig breeding stock and in world class technical support to the global pork supply chain. As a franchise of PIC International, PIC South Africa produces and multiplies superior PIC boars and gilt products in South Africa and Africa as a whole. The company, a division of Genus plc and founded in 1962, operates in 30 countries on 6 continents. Our PIC genetic products and breeding




















PIC’s Camborough sows lead the industry by producing robust, fast-growing, efficient, lean pigs and the most kilograms of pork per sow per lifetime. PIC select for reproductive and maternal traits in the Camborough sow, but also for growth and carcass efficiency traits. Some terms that are synonymous to the Camborough sow is efficiency, robustness and prolificacy. She is also known as the industry-leading economic package with lower total cost per piglet.

Our farms are certified as export compartments and comply to SAPPO’s compartmentalization initiative. PIC manage to stay at global leading level by using the combination of quantitative analytics with leading-edge biotechnology to develop breeding stock that helps our customers maximize profitability. It is clear that the demand is definitely there to produce an economical pig that will enhance profitability for the farmer and that will meet the demand of the consumer.

PIC believes in producing overall economic products for sustainable performance and optimum income.

PIC has the largest stable of top performing Terminal sires available in the industry – more than all others combined, documented by competitive trials conducted in our customers’ environments. Our broad line of boars allows us to provide the perfect fit for any production system anywhere in the world.

In South Africa, PIC has three different boar lines – each one with its unique qualities to adapt to the unique production systems of South African farmers. Our flagship terminal sire is the PIC 337. This line is by far the best selling sire globally due to its strong performance in fully integrated systems.




fariki 410







The second terminal sire option is the PIC 380 that is a great choice for producers who strive to increase profitability while benefiting from the Duroc’s ease of management and meat quality traits.

Is also known for high good lean meat % and conformation, robust hybrid vigour, good libido, exceptional carcass muscling and superb feed conversion rations.

It has the combined qualities of high primal yields, leanness and robustness with excellent growth rate, feed conversion, carcass leanness and meat quality. The PIC 410 With all the demands and facts that farmers are facing, PIC realizes that there is no room for error. It is known to produce uniform progeny and deliver excellent profitability.

The main characteristics of this line are lean gain efficiency, valuable carcasses, Our customers depend on us to continuously improve our genetic products to enhance the output on customer’s farms.

PIC’s technical team take the farmers hand and support the farmer to produce at maximum profitability level to meet the demands that the farmer is facing.

www.picrsa.co.za ; info@picrsa.co.za  ; 013 249 8917

www.picrsa.co.za ; info@picrsa.co.za  ; 013 249 8917


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