World’s finest markets crave for Lesotho’s Wine

Writes; Tshepo Heqoa At Sani Winery, the high altitude Chenin Blanc vintages’ are not only about making great wines from great fruit, but about...

High quality chicks is our point of departure

Writes Lieketso Ramoholi The complexity and technicality of poultry farming has not bred an enabling environment for sustainability in terms of producing own day...

A budgetary constraint makes Governmental departments dormant

Writes: Tjonane Matla For the last decade we have witnessed a shrinking budgetary activity in government operations. For that matter the Ministry of Agriculture...

Bad practices in poultry nutrition remains a silent killer in our farming community

Efficiency in areas such as nutrition in poultry production remains essential considering the fact that about 70 % of total costs in poultry production...

Land issue a taboo in Lesotho

Writes: Tjonane Matla The land issue in the Mountain Kingdom had been a vehement prohibition amongst politicians for the past decades. At first land...

Se! Farelane o itse khi! ka mamina!

Le sere ke ipatla hoba khoaba la methati eohle kapa la honotha lare ke bina koma hae. Ere joalokaha bo-nkhenkhe, bo-ngaka Lerotholi ba fatile...

Lesotho is continuing to tear down, what are we doing about it?

I remember back in the day when there was a National Tree planting day, dedicated to Basotho to plant trees. This was an initiative...
LAC graduates are faced with serious challenges of establishing their own enterprises in
a country that is rigid for change. Do we support them or frustrate them?

Celebrating 29 years of Students Enterprise Programme

Writes Mofana Makakane Not only is it the 50th year Lesotho is celebrating its independence but also its 54th year that its only agricultural...

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