Neo-colonialism legislations endorsed in Lesotho

Writes Motseki Lesia

I come in as a columnist at the time that commercial farmer advocates/activists are just about to explode over both legislative and policy bottlenecks that are not taking our beloved country anywhere. It pains me as alumni of the Lesotho Agricultural College, where I developed a keen interest in lamb fattening, and all the concepts of feedlot more than ten years ago, to realise that whatever I was taught, I was not meant to be a productive end product in my own fatherland.

It is time to get liberated from old constrictive regulations such as ‘Proclamation 1952; of Importation and Exportation of Livestock’ which has been set as by the British imperialists. I know my learned friends, ‘My Lords, His Majesty’s Councilors, Advocates and Attorneys had always talked of the spirit of law, whenever any legislation was at scrutiny or on acid test.

Believe you me, although I might sound harsh as a fresher in media practice, the bottom-line remains I am a product financed by poor Basotho Tax Payers (NMDS). The financial backing I got back then leaves me with no option, but to pronounce my loyalty to the farmers and probably be interpreted as an enemy to those not wanting to take action. Going back to the spirit of the law, the legislation under scrutiny was not made for Basotho but the imperialists. I therefore find it very ungrateful to our political liberators, not to have taken where they left. It is very clear that some joined the ship, only to make it sink and have not done anything about the oppressive legislations. The laws of the imperialists are nothing but a well-engineered iceberg that is making our ship to sink. Why are we still using such laws if we are not part of further impoverishing our people?

The sole purpose was to feed the greed market and harbor, of wool and mohair only to bring it back as a finished product of prestigious blankets such as “Seana-Marena” during the Frasers era. Please also note that the intention was; Basotho not to have any rights/royalties/dividends whatsoever or benefit from this long endeavor of white supremacy, except wearing the blankets and start calling them Basotho pride. What pride???

It is time for us as farmers and ‘wanna bees’ to be allowed to explore other horizons where Basotho could spread their wings and kill the monotony of hunger by getting rid of these cruel legislations. We need to create employment and self-sufficiency. We have to explore feedlot; start producing beef and mutton by allowing legitimately, beef and mutton breeds into the Kingdom of Lesotho. We have to announce the recommended legislations before the 4th of October 2016 – 50th Anniversary Independence celebration. Failure to do so, I find no reason why I should not agree with one of the giants and political institutions that was able to name imperial strategies – ‘Neo-colonialism’. “SERUUOA SA BOIPUSO”.

Initiatives have been launched that encourage Basotho to produce for export to Asian-Pacific countries, where tons and tons of meat are in demand. We must remember that, in the current and extrapolated trends of food insecurity, the whole world is looking at Africa as a solution. The question is how Lesotho is positioning herself in this greatest opportunity.

How will that be attained through old laws which no longer serve the purpose? They must be eradicated and new ones should be placed for the sole purpose of development in this country. We cannot all benefit as tenderpreneurs and be fighting over the private radio stations, flee and cause investment instability, leading to poor investment.

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