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Happy New Year valuable reader! So now I want to share with you all here the first part of what I call my triple P system of life and cooperative business Success.  I have used this system for the past two years and I still want to be the best at it.

The first P=Professionalism. It is very important that cooperative leaders conduct themselves in the highest possible levels of professionalism. As a cooperative leader, when you say you will call someone back either a cooperative member or prospect member, for heaven’s sake please do so. When you promise to deliver service to someone in a certain day, please do so. if for some reason you cannot do it, instead of vanishing or turning off your cell phone, please be responsible by calling the person first and explain why you have failed to fulfill your promise. If you have promised to do something, move mountains to do it. That’s how you build your reputation and a great name. When you ask someone to send you an email, a proposal, their profile, business card etc, make sure you revert to this person within 24 hours because your turnaround time is very important to someone waiting to hear from you.

It is pathetic to see that so many cooperative leaders are totally unprofessional and fake. They would tell you this and do that. “Call me tomorrow around lunch time”, and they will switch off their phones during the time they told you to call. “I’ll absolutely call you early in the morning”, and you never get hear from them anymore. “If given a chance to lead this cooperative society, I will ensure it is successful” he is the first person to misuse resources and ignore rules and procedures for his direct benefit. These are the people who are trusted to run a cooperative enterprise by the cooperative members; will they really lead our cooperative societies to prosperity?

As it is this time of the year when cooperative societies hold Annual General Meetings where members will make major decisions and elect board of directors, before you open your mouth to promise being a good leader, think twice about it. If the cooperative members have seen a different person in you from the real you and  now think you can be a good leader for their cooperative society, you know yourself better, so you better say no immediately to their proposal to make you their leader than continuing to give them a fake hope, false promise or vanity expectations. You see, as far as I know there are 7 levels to success arranged in this order; Vision, Wisdom, Knowledge, GOOD IMAGE, Relationships, Real Estate and Cash.

You will realize that most people focus on cash but it is the final level of success. Before you can have it, there are all these other essential steps that must be passed before cash such as good name and relationships.

Valued cooperative leaders in Lesotho, this is one of the reasons why our cooperative societies are backwards. Our words are our bond. Once they come out of our mouths, they should not be retrieved back. It is better not to give a promise than to give a careless and thoughtless promise. Applying this P of my Triple P system will definitely make an outstanding cooperative leader and you will never regret being on that position. I will share my other 2 Ps in the next publication. I wish all cooperative societies to hold successful AGMs and prosperous 2020. THE JOURNEY OF HOPE CONTINUES.


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