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Maluti Wool and Mohair Centre (Pty) Limited (MWMC) is a locally registered Lesotho company established in 2018 with a sole purpose of creating a marketing platform for Lesotho wool and mohair and serving small stock farmers with integrity and transparency. The company emerged in the era that the wool and mohair industry in Lesotho was experiencing serious squabbles and therefore came with the purpose of mitigating the industry’s problems, by creating an infrastructure that will benefit Lesotho and its people.


The shareholding structure is composed of both local and foreign investment – 60% and 40% respectively. MWMC is found in Masianokeng and employs more than 500 Basotho.  In 2019, MWMC held two successful mohair auctions that attracted record prices. It is in this light that we gladly announce that in 2020, we plan to hold a minimum of three mohair auctions in collaboration with a South African mohair broker OVK (formerly CMW) and can confirm that international mohair buyers will participate in all its auctions, thus maintaining the competitiveness of the auctions.












MWMC recognizes the fact that our very existence is dependent on how well we serve our valued customers, that is why we continue to invest on people, relationships and infrastructure that will in the end benefit every Mosotho in this industry. We take pleasure in introducing our new General Manager: Wool and Mohair, Mr Seelan Pillay, who in collaboration with OVK’s Etienne Bezuidenhout and Mopeli Makoanyane will lead this year’s auctions.










In the wool department, MWMC has established relationship with Lucky Sheep Ltd, a company registered in Hong Kong with vast experience in international wool trade. Lucky Sheep Ltd is the sister company of the largest and one of the most respected top makers in the world, Tianyu. Who supply merino tops to brands such as Allbirds, Icebreaker and fashion houses of Italy. Lucky Sheep’s wool expertise hails from Australia, which is the global hub of the international wool trade. The partnership with Lucky Sheep will ensure sustainability and integrity in handling the Lesotho wool clip.

We are proud to also announce that we have since acquired coring and sampling machinery which will be commissioned as soon as the borders are open for civilian movement between the Republic of South Africa and Lesotho. This machinery will ensure that wool marketed by MWMC attracts competitive prices on the global market, as such, wool will receive full certification accepted by the IWTO as opposed to the guide tests that we have relied on for some time now.

We wish to assure all small stock farmers that MWMC will always strive for sustainable wool trade in Lesotho that benefits everyone within the value chain and will continue to invest in the wool and mohair industry in Lesotho. We take this opportunity to thank each and every Mosotho who trusted us when there was little to trust, and wish to invite you once again to soar with us, as we take this industry forward.

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