How wool is sold in Chile !

from left, Mariam Bahamonde and Cecelia Cavada from Agropat

from left, Mariam Bahamonde and Cecelia Cavada from Agropat


Cecilia Cavada, Managing Director of Agropat, is a wool broker company operating in South Chile. Agropat was established in 2006 by Cecelia’s father and his brother by selling their own wool directly to Argentina. The neighbouring farmers started demanding help to sell wool, and that actually gave birth to this wool broker Agropat.

To date the family business has grown and diversified leaving the family daughter with two degrees in Industrial and Civil Engineering from University of Chile to run the wool sales component of the business while the pioneers are concentrating in production aspects of the farm. After exploring avenues in China, Agropat no longer exports to Argentina but sells all its wool to China.
According to Cecilia, Agropat controls about 20% of South Chile wool market sales while the remaining 80% is processed in Chile by a local firm Standard wool.
In Uruguay the company delegation of two ladies both the Managing Director and Logistics Manager Miriam Bahamonde are hoping to study how wool is marketed in Uruguay and find possible ideas for their business expansion.

Broker process

Agropat gets all wool clip information from the farmers and pass such information to their different buyers in China. The Chinese would then make an offer of which Agropat would then process the deal for both, resulting in wool being sent to China.

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