Editor’s note: Winter got me thinking again….

Vol.4, Issue 5

Traditionally winter is time for cultivating our winter crops; wheat as well.  As the season seems to be conducive for cultivation of such crops this year, it is also important to consider other aspects of production in addition to the climatic conditions.

Wheat cultivation doesn’t not only require good winter precipitation and soil fertility management for it to be successful, but also proper harvesting technique.  For many past years farmers have lost their wheat yield due to molding and grain sprouting that occurs when the crop catches rain after it has matured around December.  Since our farmers do not own combine harvesters required for harvesting and threshing of the crop, most of the crop planted catches this summer rains still on the fields.

In wheat cultivation, there is one thing we cannot ignore as you plan to grow wheat this winter; also have a clear plan as to how you are going to harvest it on time.  Don’t plant wheat with THE HOPE that the combine harvesters would have been purchased by someone else.  RATHER ensure that they will be available by the time of harvest.  Otherwise planting wheat without a clear plan on how to harvest it, is like gambling with your capital money as a farmer.

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