Regardless of the weight and pressure that were exerted by the preparations, the Silo Expo 2018 was to a great extent successful and fruitful to the farmers and the attendants from all over the country. This was where the first pig auction ever to be held in the country was carried out. We believe that if we support and empower activities like this, by 2030 we would have eradicated the hunger that seems to be so predominant.

Over the course of the long struggle of wool and mohair marketing and trade, we wonder if the growers’ efforts have been in vain as the Regulation was passed in the National Assembly in September, 2018. Through the facts finding tour that was organised collectively by The Lesotho National Wool and Mohair Growers Association (LNWMGA), South African Wool And Mohair Buyers Association (SAWAMBA), Wool Testing Bureau of South Africa (WTBSA) and BKB that some of our leaders attended in Port Elizabeth, it was learnt that the business of fibre marketing and trading need a lot of preparations before it can be ventured into. The question remains; At this point, is Lesotho well prepared (in terms of technical requirements, expertise, infrastructure, finances and most importantly the market) for selling wool and mohair within the boarders?Moreover, at the Annual General Meeting of the Lesotho National Wool and Mohair Growers Association (LNWMGA) which was held in August, the issue of the new wool and mohair Regulation of 2018 was addressed.

On this note, the wool and mohair growers pointed out that it would be very difficult for them and the LNWMGA to operate under this regulation without a transition period as they have on-going projects and contracts with their current broker which have not yet been terminated.

Furthermore, Dr. Mohlalefi Moteane, a retired President of Lesotho Farmers’ Union and civil servant who has been active in promoting the growth of the wool and mohair industry in Lesotho. Shares with the Silo team his experience and views about the current dilemma the LNWMGA and other fibre producers in the country are facing.

At the end of the day LNWMGA, an organisation that was built over many years by men and women of the Merino and Angora family is facing a risk of collapsing if they do not give in, to the Lesotho Authorities. The future of LNWMGA cannot easily be extrapolated considering the variables in the key man’s formulae.

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