Agribusiness Africa Conference that was hosted by Farmer’s Weekly from the 18 – 19th July 2018 at Emperors Palace “Partnerships for equitable trade.” On the other hand, Tshepo Heqoa just landed from China where he attended the JUNCAO training. In this publication Heqoa, who is our reporter, features his discoveries in China.
The Silo Expo 2018 is just around the corner. Preparations are 90% done, although we had to flex the symposium program to address the prevailing misunderstandings in the wool and mohair sector. On that note, multiple endeavours have been made ever since the passing of the new Regulations of 2018 concerning wool and mohair trade. This is speculated to be the greatest crisis in the wool and mohair industry since this industry and its largest commodity association has been very stable for a very long time. The relationship of LNWMGA and their South African wool broker BKB has been a warm one since the two were brought together by the Government of Lesotho a couple of decades ago until earlier this year when the new “4+1” regime started boxing BKB.

In our previous issue we discussed this wool and mohair saga, also posted the new Regulations of 2018 on wool and mohair trade, the press statement that LNWMGA released and the petition that it passed to all its supporters. The effect that these attempts cannot be less felt as soon afterwards BKB released its press statement on its involvement. SAWAMBA soon wrote a letter to the Honourable Prime Minister of Lesotho to give the stance of the wool buyers in response to the petition that LNWMGA had passed.

According to the explanation of SAWAMBA, the wool and mohair farmers will lose much as the effect. The opposition leader Honourable Mathibeli Mokhothu and the Member of Parliament for Motete constituency visited the Exchange in Port Elizabeth to learn more about the selling of wool and mohair. They also visited the Wool Testing Bureau of South Africa (WTBSA).
As I write this editorial on the cold morning in the Mountain Kingdom’s Cathedral, the social media is broadcasting videos of the factory workers’ strike in Maseru and Maputsoe. As much as we understand the reasons for the strike, we condemn the damage to property as that is not how Basotho should behave.

Lesotho’s largest commodity association is going for its AGM, to be held in Maseru on the 21st to 23rd of August 2018. This comes right at the peakpick of the fight between the Association and the Government and we wonder what colour of blanket shall paint the streets of Maseru?

# “Kobo e thokoa”!
# Legal Notice No.37 of 2018 must fall!

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