Shi who claims to want to cut the middleman in Basotho wool trading, seem to have been making arrangements with some of the buyers in Port Elizabeth to trade Basotho wool through him. If this is true, and not to have been an intelligence exercise, the conclusion shall then be that, Shi wants to substitute the current middlemen.

In our telephonic interview Shi, commonly known as Stone denied allegations tabulated by Modiano Managing Director Derick J. Pape that he was once in his office in Port Elizabeth asking about wool trade.

The wool and mohair industry in Lesotho’s future is very blurry, following the recent court case and Orders surrounding the Lesotho National Wool and Mohair Growers Association. This case, has resulted into divisions in the strongest and wealthiest M 37 million asset base organisation. Two of its national executive committee members are fired, and strange enough there is pressure to also sack the Manager Lefu Lehloba and substitute him with former Principal Secretary Nchemo Maile.

January 2018 began with multiple frustrations when state organisations were simultaneously running a marathon of freezing BKB clearing account at Standard Lesotho Bank, snap investigations, court cases postponed, and publications on allegations of tax evasion and money laundering and terrorism finance.

The question is, were all these done with a common motive of making someone win the race? Why were farmers frustrated, and denied their right to get their harvest, which they worked very hard for the whole year? Why again do we see Minister’s whose Ministries are cited as respondents, or to put it simple, their ministries are sued, but they go to court with a smile hand in glove with the Appellant?

We have over the year’s written articles on the wool growers’ rapidly growing organisation, but today we must panic as there is serious infiltration, bad mouthing, gossip about major players in the organisation, and this is very scary.

We however have full confidence in the leadership of Chairman Mokoenehi Thinyane that he will have courage and skill to solve the problems that might make this legendary organisation go to the dongas like many other Basotho organisations.

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