Troubled but not destroyed


The Lesotho wool and mohair industry was troubled by the creed of Government Ministers at the expense of localizing the industry as it is an obvious fact that the dragon breaths fire, and the fire ignited the blessings that lead most of such Ministers and the main Steering Girl to be multi-millionaires overnight. It is for that matter that even when both local and international pressure builds up, Small Minister has a nerve to defy Big Minister hence no single export permit was signed by the State Veterinary Doctor who feared that without a proper Government Gazette, should he issue a permit he would likely furnish into the thin air and leave his six year old child.

The loss of appeal court in a fight against the regulations let the small-stock farmers write to the Speaker of the National Assembly to petition the house where fifteen thousand stockmen assembled on the parliament grounds and beyond and spoke in one word that they do not need the new regulations as such subject them to impoverishment as the only preferred broker was not only reaping them off but delaying payments hence slow cash flows.

The petition resulted into a motion tabled in Parliament by Former Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa Metsing, and as a result an Ad hoc Committee on Wool and Mohair was formed with a specific purpose to investigate the situation before the new regulations, and the impact of the new regulations to the farmers and how such affected their livelihood.

It was not only shocking facts to the members of the committee when they started interviewing different stakeholders, visiting the woolsheds in different corners of Lesotho and finally visiting The Exchange in Port Elizabeth, Wool Testing Bureau, CMW, BKB and finally meeting the Wool and Mohair Buyers. The information collected by the members of parliament in this ad hoc exercise was amazing to those who forever thought that fibre industry is that thing for those stupid people who put on grey blankets and gumboots.

On the other hand the Expo 2019 is just around the corner and this year our theme is embracing the indigenous. We shall not only be revealing Lesotho’s red meat prime brand ‘Seboku’ but also trying to mitigate the challenges of the farmers in access to the financial institutions, inclusive farming for the masses and  Commercialization of small farmer.

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