While we were about to release this publication, our office was robbed, the Editor’s laptop gone broad day light by a perpetrator whom we managed to catch with the help of dedicated men and women of the Lesotho Mounted Police Service. After we released the CCTV images to social media, many questions were asked by many! Some were answered while others could simply not be answered therefore there is a very thin line why we should believe that another force was sponsoring what is now interpreted as common house breaking crime. Should I be interpreted as paranoid if I link sponsorship of this act of crime to that phone call where I blandly refused that interview with what the Americans refer to as the Company? But if so, why break in to my office as I did state all reasons why I am not going to do any interview concerning Lesotho Fibre?

Why should the house-break-in timing coincide with a white twin cab van with those private number plates unfortunately with a blue registration disk on the wind screen, parked just close to my office and destruction of the eye witness so that the perpetrator gets a chance to run? It is such unanswered questions that would make one laugh especially when it became clear that the agent is prepared to hide the identity of the company though he had mentioned names just before meeting with another agent.On the other hand nothing has really changed; we are still in the same ferry as yesteryear, a vessel of advocacy and unconditional support and commitment to the Lesotho National Wool and Mohair Growers Association.

We did point out that the Government of Lesotho was playing with fire, and shall mess-up an industry that has a lot of history and support rural economy, but a completely economic matter became the stage of stupid politics where those who are alleged to have opened the door for the dragon had nothing to do except to abuse their power furthermore and impoverished our beloved country by literally closing doors for an industry that generates up to a billion of Maloti not to register such a rural income in the 2018/2019 Fiscal year. Leaving the economic war facts aside, we have this year achieved to create new partnerships hence one recognises new kind of information in our magazine and more shall follow after this publication. We shall have extra and special publications, therefore just note that we have combined three issues in this publication as our progress was very much distracted. Let us go attend and participate in all districts wool and mohair shows country wide.


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