Lesotho has embarked into a multi-billion dollar sector by being the first African Country to legalize the growing of medicinal cannabis. which is said to be globally emerging. We are told that the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho has the most conducive environmental factors for growth of medicinal cannabis. That then gives an indication that we could extrapolate a magnificent, positive impact on the economy of this country as more jobs are created and more money shall circulate in our country. We paid Medigrow a site visit where we learned more about this industry. Medigrow is one of the licensed companies that produce medicinal cannabis.
On the other hand, the recent social media debate is on Africa and China relationship. It seems that Africa is facing a crisis on which most comments point out that China is taking over Africa’s wealth, and political power of African countries. The numbers of Chinese migrants are tremendously increasing leaving poor Africans out of business and jobs. Chinese seem to be exerting a certain degree of power over African governments thereby resulting in favoring of Chinese over locals in wealth distribution.
This results in oppression of local people in some areas as these allegations further show that most decisions are made to suit Chinese investors regardless of concerns of the locals. The question then becomes; who opened the door for the dragon that seems to be hastily devouring our continent?
Moreover, the misdirected and possibly captured Government of Lesotho has been in disagreement for a very long time over the issue of wool and mohair marketing and trading. Close sources reveal that the international pressure from development partners and diplomatic core pushed the Government of Lesotho to engage with the wool and mohair growers but instead the Government only did what looked like staging as they just went ahead only to fail Basotho farmers.
The Lesotho Government failed to sell even one bale of Lesotho Mohair at the time that Lesotho missed good opportunities of the highest mohair sales in The Exchange earlier in August and September. The biggest question shall remain, who is going to feed the families of 50,000 small stock farmers when Lesotho missed out revenue of about M 800 million?
In our previous issues, we outlined numerous matters and occurrences that have been involved in this whole controversy. Not long ago, the Government of Lesotho and the farmers came to a consensus for the later to sell their fiber at Thaba-Bosiu regardless of the conflicts that preceded in breach of a founding agreement between LNWMGA and Maseru Dawning.
Surprisingly somehow, again without engaging LNWMGA the Government single handedly organised Thaba-bosiu Wool Centre Auction launch, followed by a circus internet wool auction. The question that must be asked to the Lesotho Government remains; really are they still using the rule of law? How do you launch or use facilities owned by LNWMGA without their concern?
No matter how many times regimes could stand on our way, we shall remain the voice of the voiceless, no one can shake us, and we remain very strong and shall perpetually rally behind all Basotho farmers. Let us end the year, by praying for rain and prosperity.
We wish everyone a very joyful festive season.

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