Earthworms in Aquaponics





Earthworms do really well in aquaponics growbeds despite the stone appearing inhospitable
Worms require oxygen in order to prevent them drowning, as do the plant roots and filter bacteria.  The ebb and flow cycle within a growbed provides a fantastic environment in which frequent variation between high and low tide ensures that the bed remains damp and well oxygenated.  Under these conditions the worms will thrive, grow and multiply.
Earthworms require organic particles as their feed, so I recommend not adding them to a new aquaponics system.  Allow the solids to become visible where the water enters the beds before introducing the worms.
The best worms for aquaponics are not the grey worms found in your garden but rather the bright red composting worms available online or from your local nursery.  Give the worms a good rinse in cool water to wash off compost before adding them to your growbeds.  Early morning is the best time to introduce worms before the heat of the day, as worms do not like the heat that is typical of growbed media in the afternoon.
Worms are sensitive to chemicals used on traditional crop farms, so be sure not to use anything other than organic or wholesome methods of treating pests in your aquaponics system.  Then again, this is the essence of aquaponics, so add the worms and enjoy the benefits these little workers bring to the system.
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Aquaculture Farm for Sale
The Aquaculture Academy, Grahamstown is for sale.  The farm of 4.4ha has excellent quality water and has permits to farm trout, tilapia and catfish.  Currently we also farm cucumbers and other crops organically on the effluent water from the fish.  There are several bee hives, hand tame chickens and many pecan nut saplings.  The farm has a 5-bedroom main dwelling, a bed sitter and a large lecture facility / office complex.  The excellent schooling in Grahamstown is a huge drawcard as this farm affords an opportunity to live the lifestyle whilst your children obtain top schooling 1.3km from the farm.
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Aquaculture Courses
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