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Mission Statement

We are 100% devoted to publishing developmental news with priority in agriculture in the interest of  furnishing the farmers with relevant, timely and accurate information which could contribute positively towards building the foundations of sustainable food security.

Executive Summary

The Silo is an English trading name of an agricultural magazine published in both English and Sesotho. The Sesotho chapter of the magazine is called Sesiu which is simply a direct translation of The Silo. The Silo is owned by Facts Media House (Pty) Ltd, a local Basotho company incorporated in July 2010. Upon its inception, the first and the only agricultural magazine (then a newspaper) in Lesotho managed to secure a constant circulation of 30 000 copies published fortnightly and distributed evenly in Lesotho and the neighbouring towns of the Free State. The magazine has outsourced highly qualified professionals and reputable organisations in research and academy in the following sectors: Horticulture, Livestock, Agronomy, Seed multiplication, Heberiam, FSRE, Plant protection, Nutrition, Agricultural Machinery & Implements together with relevant Financial and Marketing Analysts.


Organisational Structure / Board of Directors

Corporate Chairperson</i></b> – `Mina `Madoka Matla (Bsc Construction Studies UCT). A Construction Engineer with a diversified work experience, from Construction Supervision, drawing Bill of Quantities, Construction Management of internationally financed projects at Education Facilities Unit of the Government of Lesotho, lecturing at the Lerotholi polytechnic, a property developer and a commercial farmer with interests in poultry and piggery.<br><br><i><b>Corporate Secretary</i></b> –  Tjonane Ishmael Matla (PQ-CMA) a Management Accountant by profession who trained in Botswana Accountancy College. An entrepreneur, youth leader, writer and commercial farmer. Tjonane began his career as a corporate consultant. He later diversified into property development, magazine publishing and vegetable commercial farming. Before founding the Silo, Tjonane had ten years experience in publishing articles in different Lesotho magazines focusing on business, economic and purposeful political articles.<br><br><h2 align=”center”><i>Organisational Staff</i></h2><i><b>Chief Editor</i></b> <br>Tsireletso Thatho (BA Hons in Media Studies University of the North) A journalist by profession with previous experiences and on job training as a Public Relations Officer of different Government Ministries in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Tsireletso further undertaken several Public Relations and Marketing Management courses with several organisations in African countries and institutions. She speaks fluently Sesotho, English and Chinese.<br><br><i><b>Senior Composer & CSRI Administrator</i></b> <br>Theko Tlebere (BA Public Administration and Political Science NUL). Just completed his studies at NUL, he is a devoted youth leader, former chairman of the Political Science Student movement at NUL, a writer and a political columnist since his days at NUL. Theko has two years experience writing and publishing magazine articles on a weekly basis. Since the inception of the Silo, Theko has shown serious interest in small stock farming.<br><br><i><b>Sales, Promotions and Marketing Administrator</i></b><br> Nelson Matla BA Urban and Regional Planning student at the National University of Lesotho.<br><br><i><b>Webmaster</i></b><br>Maele ‘Neko, BEng. Computer Engineering student at the University of Pretoria.<br><h3 align=”center”>Technocrats</h3><i><b>Plants Specialist </i></b>- Dr. Mpho Liphoto (PHD – Plant Biotechnology, Stellenbosch, Masters – Plant breeding and Biotechnology, Queensland Australia, BSc Agriculture NUL). A lecturer at the National University of Lesotho and former Crops Chief Researcher Officer at Lesotho Agric Research Department. She has multiple experiences in working on coordination of international projects such as Seed security project financed by FAO. SADAC steering committee for maize, harmonization of SADAC seed policies, NEPAD technical team on SADAC action plan for environmental, biotechnology developmental projects.<br><br><i><b>Livestock Specialist</i></b> – `Mamosala Tebello Lenono (MSc. Animal Science – Nutrition NUL, BSc General Agriculture NUL). `Mamosala has more than 30 years experience practicing agriculture as a profession. Far more than anything she has an on job training acquired from her family systems. A Senior Agricultural Research Officer at the Department of Agric Research with experience in working in research related assignments with different international organisations such as FAO, SADC Poultry Liaison Forum. Amongst her special assignment, she was the coordinator of a task group responsible for the production of dairy goat manuals for farmers.<h3 align=”center”>Contributors</h3><i><b>Regular Columnist</i></b> – Robert Likhang (FCIS, FCIBM, ACMA, CA (L). Robert begun his career as a banker with Lesotho Bank, he then joined the Lesotho Institute of Accountants as a Chief Executive Officer. He is currently with the Centre of Accounting Studies as a lecturer. He is furthermore practicing as a Management Accounting Consultant as RL Associates specialising in business accounting, financial reporting and business coaching.<br><br><i><b>Regular Columnist </i></b> – Motebang Masike has on job training as a farmer since 1960s, over years he has been involved indifferent forms of agriculture. When he retired from Lesotho Bank, he then ventured into vegetable production supplying different restaurants in Maseru, supplied the Lesotho Dairy Company (Maluti Maid) with fresh milk on a daily basis. Motebang has been contributing as a columnist in different magazines since 1966.

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