A new decade, how is it different from Vision 2020?


Two decades ago, the Government Secretary by then High Commissioner Mohlabi Tsekoa pioneered what later developed to be called National Vision 2020. I remember very well the following opening stanza; By 2020 Lesotho shall be a stable democracy, a united and prosperous nation at peace with itself and its

neighbours. By 2020 the country shall have a healthy and well-developed human resource base. Pillars of the vision were set as; Supremacy of the will of people, Transparency, A devoted and efficient public service, Justice for all and efficient chieftainship, Stable Democracy, A healthy and well developed human resource base, A Strong economy and prosperous nation.


Although I cannot recall how many times I participated in stakeholder consultations where the crafting of the then noble document was done at the `Manthabiseng Senatsi Convention Centre, I evoke very well that conjecturing on 20 years at that time appeared so far-fetched. In spite of I being so grateful to God that he gave me a wonderful gift of life, now it pains me to witness how south and lost we are as a nation. Instead of being in Canaan enjoying milk and honey, we are in the wilderness. The question remains, would I waste another half of my life participating in another National Vision exercise, hoping things will one day get better or should I be part of the people who believe that when one wants the best ideas, one must visit Lesotho? How true is it that other nations like participating in international conferences with Basotho for the fact that they are a treasure of wonderful ideas? How true is it that we Basotho are weak in implementation?


Well may be what we could have perhaps said is; when 2020 kicks in, Basotho shall experience good showers and the Kingdom nearest to heaven shall regain her green and beautiful colour of her blanket. May be then, I should take you back in what we have been doing since our incorporation. The Silo Magazine was incorporated and published her first print run on the 27th of July 2010 therefore turning ten years of age in July 2020. We were incorporated as Facts Media House (Pty) Ltd for the reason that we were coming from another media world and wanted to vow that in contrary to the claims of the chameleon clan of legislators’ twosome, we have never manufactured any news, but published only facts.


I would like to re-assure our readers that we shall remain very loyal to the pillars of good governance through our work that makes our sector very transparent. It is for that reason that we would like to take a journey with you moving our country forward, but let us first start by remembering where we come from, and the people we were with over the past decade.


When we were two years old, we converted from an agricultural newspaper to a magazine and the first magazine copy was launched during our very first Expo in 2013. The theme for that expo was Agriculture in protected environment. The following years our theme became as follows:

Expo 2014 – Dynamics of commercial farming,

Expo 2015 – Empower the farmer, strengthen the backbone of the economy,

Expo 2016 – Unlocking the farmers’ bottlenecks,

Expo 2017 – What type of Agricultural graduate does Africa need?

Expo 2018 – Engaging the African Farmer’s child in the 2030 zero hunger targets, and

Expo 2019 – Embracing the indigenous.


Our theme for 2020 is: The parable of the sower, and with this leitmotif, we would like not only to be assessed as an organisation, but also asses our beloved country as well Where did we go wrong? Furthermore where did we score, and how can we improve?


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