La Motte Wine estate courtyard

The La Motte Wine Estate in Franschhoek

La Motte is home to some of South Africa’s finest wines, recognized internationally for their exceptional quality
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1. TLHAKISETSO KA LERUO LA LIKOLOBE Makhabane a leruo la likolobe – Li hola ka pele, e ka rekisoa ha ele khoeli tse ‘ne(5)hoisa...
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Khomo e bitsoang Guensey le e bitsoang Ayshire

Vol.4, Issue 12 Ka Motebang Masike Maoba koranteng e fetileng re buile ka khomo e hlabana e bitsoang Jersey.Kajeno re bua ka khomo e...
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Why Lesotho should or should not invest in a scouring plant

Vol.4, Issue 12 Writes Tjonane Matla While we would all agree that the largest and most successful commodity association in Lesotho which controls 90%...
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Steps in going diamond in agriculture

Manage your costs One of the challenges in agriculture is managing costs. It is critical that financial data should be well maintained. The data...

Economy of Scale

Vol.4, Issue 12 When asked for a definition of aquaculture we typically say something along the lines of `the farming of aquatic organisms’.  Whilst...
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Role of the Professional Accountant in agricultural business

Vol.4, Issue 12 Writes Mamoorosi Raditapole, CA(L) As I am writing this, Lesotho Institute of Accountants has just hosted the 5th Annual Conference. The...
Sorghum field

Planting Sorghum As A Grain Crop

Vol.4, Issue 12 By Maluti Mountain Brewery  Setting Up  For Success Planters This article intends to provide some critical guidelines to the farmer venturing...

Maximizing egg production

Vol.4, Issue 12 Commercial chicken feed significantly boosts the production of eggs from Potchefstroom Koekoek chickens, a study from Lesotho has revealed. Six week–old...

Insurance coverage for weather-related losses

Vol.4, Issue 12 Writes Aimable Twahirwa A new form of insurance currently enables smallholder farmers to cover their crop yield losses caused by poor...